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Is Your Pool Ultra Clear?

Swimming pool maintenance is our specialty at Ultra Clear Pool Care in Townsville.

Along with looking after the backyard pools of local residents, we take care of pool maintenance for Townsville commercial facilities and residential complexes.

A regular visit from the pool maintenance professionals at Ultra Clear Pool Care will have your pool—as well as its various accessories, filters, chlorinators, and pumps—coming along swimmingly.

Swimming pools, of any size and in any condition, respond well to our care and attention.
Pool cleaning — Pool Maintenance in Townsville, QLD

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your pool is done to suit. Call us out for a one-off visit. You’ll get our undivided attention—balancing your chemicals, fixing filters—and whatever else it takes to have your pool needs sorted quickly and affordably.  Read more
Green pool — Pool Maintenance in Townsville, QLD

Green Pool Recovery

When swimming pools are left unattended for too long, things can turn ugly.

This might happen when a property is unoccupied, such as at a deceased estate, or ... Read more
Ultra clear pool care owner — Pool Maintenance in Townsville, QLD

Pool Equipment Installation & Repair

Along with our pool cleaning services, the crew at Ultra Clear Pool Care make it their business to know the ins and outs of all swimming pool equipment.

We’ve become masters of the quick repair—including filter ... Read more
Green Pool Recovery
Stay calm. If your swimming pool looks green around the gills, there’s no need for panic. Step 1: No Swimming. Step 2: Call Ultra Clear Pool Care. Step 3: Resume Swimming.
Equipment Install and Repair
Swimming pool equipment installation and repair is easy if you’re with the crew at Ultra Clear Pool Care. We’ll take care of everything for you. If you need replacement gear, we make sure it’s right for the job.
Pool Clean and Maintenance
You need to act if your pool chemicals and your pool equipment are failing to produce sparkling clean swimming pool water with the required healthy chemical balance. Call the Townsville pool maintenance experts at Ultra Clear Pool Care.
Swimming pool equipment — Ultra Clear Pool Care in Townsville, QLD
When Your Pool Needs Help
Ultra Clear Pool Care has become a swimming pool necessity in Townsville.

For a clean bill of health for your swimming pool you need only call one place. You’ll enjoy our prompt, professional, and highly efficient customer service and you’ll also find that we are always available.

Our talents include fixing and installing swimming pool equipment, balancing pool chemicals, and making green pools clear and sparkling again