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Pre-Purchase Swimming Pool Handover Inspection

A Swimming Pool Handover Inspection is essential if you’re looking at buying a new home. It’s the foolproof way to learn what you need to know about the existing swimming pool.

The pool handover specialists at Ultra Clear Pool Care in Townsville can save you money.
General pre-purchase home inspections rarely check into the swimming pool’s structural integrity, plumbing system, or electrical system. These hidden issues can end in costly repairs and that’s why it’s so important to find out before you commit to buy the property.

To gain a precise picture of a swimming pool’s condition, you’d need an in-depth inspection, which is exactly how Ultra Clear Pool Care goes about it. Our pool technicians have the experience to know what to test and the equipment to test it.

If problems exist, we’ll let you know up front, before you commit to buying. This will give you the chance to address those problems within the conditions of sale.
Get in touch with us at Ultra Clear Pool Care for your pre-purchase pool handover inspection.
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