Leak Detection

Townsville Swimming Pool Leaks Fixed Fast

Before and after green pool recovery — Swimming Pool Leaks Fixed in Townsville, QLD
Swimming pool leaks need immediate attention. Losing water is bad news any time.

The leak detection specialists at Ultra Clear Pool Care in Townsville have seen it all. We will get to the source of the leak fast and we’ll also know the best plan of action to take to resolve the situation swiftly and properly.

Swimming pool leaks can result from a range of causes including:
  • Holes in the filters
  • Fibreglass osmosis
  • Leaky light conduits
  • Porous grout joints
  • Leaky spider gaskets
  • Broken plumbing pipes
  • Main drain leaks
But that’s not all.

Your swimming pool could also be leaking because of:
  • Failing hydrostatic valves
  • Skimmer box cracks
  • Light mounting problems
  • Broken pool pump seal
  • Pipes that come unglued
  • Fractures in the pool shell
Swimming pool leaks often begin slowly… so slowly they escape notice. However, they soon deteriorate, often to the point of serious malfunction.

You need to address leaks as soon as you become aware of them.
Company van — Swimming Pool Leaks Fixed in Townsville, QLD
Clear swimming pool — Swimming Pool Leaks Fixed in Townsville, QLD
Call our leak detection specialists at Ultra Clear Pool Care. We’ll quickly track down the source of your leaks and make the necessary repairs to have your swimming pool functioning optimally again.

Without going into too much detail, to get the full picture on what is happening to your water, our detection methods include the use of listening devices, microphones, fibre-optic cameras, and dye.

After a thorough inspection of your swimming pool, its fixtures and components, we will know the precise cause or causes of your leaks.

The expertise and equipment we have at Ultra Clear Pool Care will ensure that your repairs are done correctly and without delay.