FAQ - Learn About Swimming Pool Maintenance in Townsville


Townsville Swimming Pool Maintenance Questions and Answers

Good swimming pool maintenance will have you enjoying your swimming pool all year round. Here at Ultra Clear Pool Care, you’ll find the expertise and experience to make that happen.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page should give you better insight into the workings of your swimming pool and its equipment.

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What is involved in balancing the chemicals in my swimming pool?
Too much chlorine will make swimming uncomfortable. It can cause sore eyes and itchy skin. So it’s important to maintain correct chlorine levels.

Having the correct chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels prevents scaling, corrosion, and damage to your pool equipment, and helps ensure the water is sanitised effectively.

Balancing the chemicals ensures that your pool water is safe to swim in. When the chemicals are not balanced correctly, the effectiveness of water sanitation is diminished.
How often should I change the sand in my filter?
My pool pump is noisy. What is happening?
How does stabiliser work in my swimming pool?
How Do I Run My Pool Efficiently? My electricity bill is too high.
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